Life After College Is Real

It has now been a little over four months since I’ve graduated from Champlain College. As cliché and lame as this is about to sound, time flew right by! I’ve gotten my first full-time job within the industry that related to my studies, I pay my own rent and bills, and am a full grown adult living completely on her own in New York City. Wow.

As these months have gone by, I’ve learned a lot about life and what I want for myself post-college, and there has been a lot of stuff that I was not prepared for at all. So, this is a follow-up post from my Capstone class that I took during my fall semester Senior year in 2017; Three things I’ve learned since graduating college!
(BTW these bullets will also be getting full length posts soon! Stay tuned!)

  1. Post-College Mourning

I had no idea how much I would miss college. I miss learning, the classrooms, seeing my friends every day and night, and not having any worries at all besides being a successful student. As much as I do love feeling like an adult and independent, getting used to working 5 days in a row at the same hours was hard, and not getting to be with my friends from college that I loved so dearly has been the hardest thing. But it’s part of life, and I have begun to accept that college does come to an end eventually. It’s just hard to accept that idea when you’re there, and harder to let it go when you’re out.

  1. Budgeting is HARD!

Something that has been a big smack in my face in learning about has been budgeting. It’s the WORST. Having to divide out your money to make sure you have enough for food, rent, bills, savings for loans, and something extra to have fun with is tough! I’m still far from being an expert of budgeting, and when you live in a city like New York where you pay $60 to get your hair trimmed, budgeting is necessary in order to survive. College didn’t prepare me enough for that since I lived paycheck to paycheck, and the only things I needed to buy were food and fun. Paying for everything on your own is a big reality check.

  1. Creating your own fun and being alone

One thing I’ve really learned about adulthood from living in NYC is how to be alone without feeling lonely. As an adult, you have your set schedule for most of the week; my Monday through Friday schedule is waking up 6AM, run at 6:30AM, get to work by 8:30AM, come home at 6PM, make dinner 6:30PM, and then bed. It’s easy to get in the routine of it all, but on the weekends it can be hard to decide how to fill your time when it’s not already a set schedule, and when you’re used to hanging out with your good friends or roommates after classes and dinner and on weekends, going from that to being alone somewhere new is scary. But you have to look at everything as a new experience to learn more about yourself. I’m working on taking some art classes and trying to join in on running clubs and park yoga! Really anything that keeps you busy is good (except shopping-see bullet number 2!) because you get to meet new people, try new things, and avoid feeling lonely.

Obviously there is so much more I will be learning throughout my journey of after college life, and I’m excited! It’s time to grow up, let college fall behind me as I move forward with my life and aspirations. My future is looking pretty bright to me right now.

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