Good Reads You Gotta Read

There is nothing better than getting really into a good book. It’s hard to find ones that seem nearly impossible to put down. When I can find a book that I really like, I read it any chance I get. So, here are three books that I had a hard time putting down, and was sad over finishing them!

Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown


This was probably one of the most interesting, inspiring, and triumphant stories I’ve ever read. It’s a biography of the authors life and the struggles she had to face. From finding her mother dead, to going into abusive foster care, sexual assaults, a demanding drug and alcohol addiction, abusive relationships, and more that she had to experience is heartbreaking. But how she comes out in the end is one of the most inspirational reads I’ve ever had. I bought this book a couple days before I went on my spring break while abroad, and almost finished by the end of the vacation.

How To Murder Your Life by Cat Marnell.

How to murder

Another biography written by the author, Cat Marnell grew up in a beautiful home, was a beautiful girl, and seemed to have a bright future. At an early age, her parents got her a prescription to ADHD medication, and she drew a dependence on it, which led to abusing other drugs and alcohol. She became a well known socialite in the early 2000s, working her dream job as a beauty editor for a magazine in New York City. This book was about her downward spiral into her addictions and eating disorders, but what’s nice about this book is that its not very heavy, and the author writes very humorously and in a way that feels like you’re having a conversation with her personally. She tells one story in one of the chapters about being at a club and sitting at a table with Lindsey Lohan and offering her some pills to help wake her up. I read it over the summer at the beach, and if you want an easy light read that is about serious topics without feeling sad afterwards, this is a great choice.

In A Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

dark dark wood

So this book is different because its not a biography like the previous two. This one was a psychological mystery thriller type of book that I read last summer. Its about a woman, Nora, who gets an invitation to her high school best friends hen party, even though they hadn’t spoken for years. She goes to an eerie all-window cabin in the middle of the woods, meets some questionably unstable guests, and witnesses a shocking murder. The problem is she doesn’t remember most of it. This book was a really interesting read because I had never read anything like it before, so it was fun to read something that flowed well like watching a movie (which BTW it will be made into a motion picture soon!). Absolutely suggest to anyone who is looking for a spookier read for this fall season.


Let me know if you’ve read any of these books and what you thought, or if you have any suggestions for me! -MB


**all the pictures that were used in this were found via google images**

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