A Saturday Adventure

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day in the city that I did not want to miss outside. I’m not a fan of cold weather, so anytime the sun is out you can bet ill be out. I left my house today on a mission: I wanted to go shopping, get coffee, and explore some of the city that I’ve never experienced before. Mission accomplished!

I went to the village today to do some thrift store shopping, got some coffee, walked along the Brooklyn Bridge AND Manhattan bridge, a brief walk through China Town, and somehow made it back home. Here is how my day went!

The first place I went today was AuH20. It was honestly one of my favorite thrift stores I’ve ever been in! They had ridiculously cheap prices on a lot of nice clothing brands! I saw things from Free People, J.Crew, Brandy Melville, Ann Taylor, and more, and none of it was more than $24! It was incredible. I ended up buying a sparkly dress that is going to be perfect for NYE this year and a sterling silver ring with waves around the band. Love it so much!

After I bought the dress and ring, I made my way across the street to Abraço and ordered an americano and the greatest biscuit ever; a honey and rosemary biscuit. So beyond awesome. The environment in the coffee shop was really cool too! They had a bunch of tables and an area to stand outside and enjoy your drink. They also had fresh juice and the coffee was made perfectly. I might end up going there again tomorrow!

From there, I decided I needed to go get a new book. I made my way to the Strand Book Store near Union Square. It was magical going in there! I had at a point 8 books in my arms that I wanted to buy! I ended up settling on just two; Party Girls Die In Pearls by Plum Sykes (which was on sale for on $1 BTW) and Flux By Orion Carloto. Something about going to a bookstore always gives me such piece of mind.

After that I made my way to the Brooklyn Bridge. The crowd of people was intense, but somehow I made it through! On the bridge is where I got the most sunlight (pretty sure I’ll be seeing a lot of red tomorrow) and saw the prettiest views. I really felt like I got a lot of fresh air from that bridge today, and it felt great. One thing I noticed were the amount of people taking photos of themselves and their friends. They all posed the same way, all looked relatively the same (same hair, style, etc.), and basically had the same photos. It was crazy that so many people were on the bridge to take photos of themselves to prove they went there, rather than capturing the moment around them.

The one downside of the day was that when I got off the bridge, I got lost. My phone was at about 7% and couldn’t pick up my location in Brooklyn, and my feet were starting to yell at me. I couldn’t find any sign of a subway nearby, and I’m not too good with buses, but I made the awful decision to walk across the Manhattan bridge as well. Though I did like the Manhattan bridge better (I could see the Statue of Liberty in the distance and there were less people around!), I was ready to call it a day already. I did get some nice photos but my tired feet and dying phone weren’t in the mood.

Once I hopped off the bridge, I suddenly found myself in China Town. Still a little lost and no phone connection, I decided to just walk until I see something familiar. I bought a coconut to drink from and made my way to my subway. I jumped onto the 4 and got off at my stop, ran to my apartment to fall into my bed.

After such a long adventure day, laying in my bed right now feels fantastic. I’m letting my feet relax, my mind go blank, and plan on sitting back and letting this Saturday night unfold.

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