Morning Thoughts

September 30th

Woke up this morning to another beautiful day! The city today is warm and bright, and I’m excited to go exploring. I’m all dressed, teeth brushed, and am heading out to get my morning coffee and scone. Here are my morning thoughts for today;

Thought Bubble No.1: NYC is for lovers

I’ve noticed a lot around New York City that couples love to do couple things. Everyone is holding someone else’s hands, doing cute activities, posing, and more. Now I’m not bitter, I’ve only been out of a relationship for a little over a month now. But as I was really exploring yesterday it was hard not to notice all the love around. I’ve heard Paris is the city of love (and have you ever looked up that thing that happens to people when they visit Paris, and they leave depressed from the shock that it’s not really as lovely as its claimed to be? It’s a crazy thing you should look up on Wikipedia) but I think New York City might be more lovely.

Thought Bubble No.2: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

So I have been obsessed with the show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for about a year now. I think it is one of the greatest, most entertaining and deep shows I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch. For those who don’t know about it, the show is centered around Rebecca Bunch, a successful lawyer from New York City, who drops everything to move to West Covina, California, after she runs into her ex from when she was 16 at summer camp, Josh Chan. From there, she makes new friends and goes on wonky adventures to try and win Josh’s affection and learns about herself along the way. There are some fantastic musical numbers and the story really dives deep into a woman’s lifelong struggle with mental illness. I’ve been re-watching he series for the 5th time and can’t wait to start it again.

That’s all I have for my morning thoughts over tea. Hope everyone else has a great rest of the day!



***Photo used is not my own***

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