My Sunday Funday

One of the most simple pleasures I indulge in every Sunday is buying the NY Times paper for $6 and sitting in the park  near my apartment. I love sitting at a small table around the grass, reading the Arts and Lifestyle sections, and basking in the glorious sunshine.

I also bring along a book just in case the news becomes too grim to read. But its not about the reading that I like the most, but rather about enjoying the outdoors in a place that consists of mostly buildings and cars. There are few places to go, other than central park, that offer some green scenery in this city, and Bryant Park is one of the best places.

I started doing this most Sundays after my mother suggested it. She told me it was “very New York” to get the paper and sit in a park, and it has become one of my favorite activities. For me, it’s a time to unwind and do something for myself, not by myself (though I am usually by myself but regardless).

This has now become one of things I look forward to each week. I’ve learned how important it is to find something you enjoy. I’m not sure if I’d call this a “hobby” of mine, but its become something I really enjoy doing by myself. Every Sunday I look forward to waking up early and finding a paper, then strolling to the park to find that one sweet spot. This past Sunday, I even got myself a little cocktail at the bar in the park (I was having a very bad day and the cocktail was an attempt at making it better).

What I suggest to all new New Yorkers like myself is find a place you can call your own. Sure, Bryant park is filled with many other people, but it’s a place I love to be by myself and do my own thing. It gives me a chance to relax and forget about any issues I may have that day. It really helps me stay happy, and I think could help you too.

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