Pessimism and Halloween Don’t Go Together

Happy Halloween everyone!

Today is my favorite day of the year. Everything is so spooky, the decorations are creepy yet fall-like, and you get to pretend to be whatever or whoever you want for one whole night. Who wouldn’t want to escape reality for an evening and play pretend again? The only slight negative thing I have about Halloween is that afterwards it gets cold, and I’d rather it be summer next.

For me (and most college kids/people my age), Halloween is a three night event, especially this year. You have to go out the Friday and Saturday night before Halloween if the wonderful day lands on a week day (like today!), then you go out on the actual 31st.

This year, my lovely and favorite friend Lindsey from college came to visit me for the weekend outing. It was so much fun because not only were we reuniting, but we also both got to experience NYC on Halloween weekend for the first time. First night I dressed as a bunny while she was a school girl. Cliches but classics! Second night, she was a cop while I was a goth (which was super easy considering majority of my clothing is black anyways). We stayed out all hours of the night and slept until 1 both mornings after.

Seeing her made me melancholy though, because it made me realize how much I missed her. But we don’t need to talk about that now!

Since today is Halloween and I have to work, I’ve decided to dress up as a hippie. I think of it as reconnecting to my Burlington roots, even though works “theme” is spooky scary. Since I already bought my outfits for this past weekend, I didn’t feel like buying more. So hippie it was!

But one thing I can’t stand is are people who are so pessimistic about Halloween. They think dressing up is dumb, the whole shabamm is a waste of time, and multiple other stupid excuses. The worst is when people shoot down your excitement about the holiday by saying in sarcastic tones; “You’re actually going out?” “Wow I didn’t realize people still dressed up for today…” “Why would I dress up? Halloween is stupid.” Breaks my little heart.

I do feel it should be a general rule of society not to shit on holidays that people get excited for. Sure, Halloween isn’t anything religious in America, but it’s still a day that is celebrated widely and loved by many. Why do people feel the need to put down those who truly love and want to enjoy the day?

(^above is a photo of my friend arshia and I, who came out with us on Friday!)

I had a run in like that with one of my coworkers as they were leaving for the day earlier this month. Same with most parents I’ve come to notice. It is sad, really, that so many people lose the spirit of All Hallows Eve. If/when I have kids, I will be dressing up just as they will be, and going with them to each house for candy, and let them dress up as much as they want. I also pledge at this very moment to never shit on anyone for wanting to celebrate any kind of day.

So, that’s my little rant for the morning. People, please do not be rude to the people who enjoy the holiday today, even if you don’t. Don’t shit on peoples parade just because you’re unhappy. Don’t be rude.

Happy Halloween and I hope everyone eats a grossly large sum of candy

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