A Lesson To Men: The Catcalling Epidemic

Dear all men who like to catcall and holler at women on the street,




It’s something too many women have to go through. You’re walking down the street, maybe have on a fire outfit you love and feel hella confident in, then suddenly you hear a man shouting “YOU LOOK HOT” or “HEY BABY!” or “DAMN GIRL”. Cause, you know, who wouldn’t want to be spoken to like that when they’re minding their own business?

I remember the first time I was catcalled was my freshman year of college. I was walking back to the dorms, and someone yelled something at me from their car on the street. I immediately felt uncomfortable with myself, my surroundings, and my outfit! I have never met a woman who actually enjoys being catcalled. And something I won’t ever understand is why men think women like being catcalled? Even on my walk to work today, I was catcalled crossing the street as a I passed some guy. Disgusting.

Please, guys, stop this nonsense. Nobody likes it. Sometimes I get aggressive and shout the most vulgar things back to them. I think its disgusting and so violating. It’s like a guy grabbing your ass and when you ask why, he responds with “because I wanted you to know that I think you have a great ass”. We don’t need to know your opinions on our bodies. Somehow, though, this idea is completely lost to so many people, like the idea that because its just words it’s fine, but it’s so far from being fine. With the #MeToo movement really making waves in society, I would expect this type of harassment to lessen.

Catcalling is 100% a form of harassment that should never be tolerated. Here is an article from BBC.com of women protesting catcalling by writing in chalk the things that get yelled at them often. And in France, they made it illegal to catcall (go France!)  I support this so much, and think this is such an incredible step to respecting women as people and not objects (since the two often get confused…).

So, lastly, Men…please stop catcalling us. If I catch you doing it to me, I promise I will kick you in the worst place 🙂

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