A Lesson To Men: The Catcalling Epidemic

Dear all men who like to catcall and holler at women on the street, STOP.IT.NOW. Sincerely, WOMEN. It’s something too many women have to go through. You’re walking down the street, maybe have on a fire outfit you love and feel hella confident in, then suddenly you hear a man shouting “YOU LOOK HOT” or … Continue reading A Lesson To Men: The Catcalling Epidemic

Sweet Home Albany

Sometimes the best kind of therapy is going back home and spending time with loved ones. I know, how cliché right? But it really does help re-ground you and think about everything you have in your life. For me, going home is like pressing the reset button on my mental state and I get to … Continue reading Sweet Home Albany

My Sunday Funday

One of the most simple pleasures I indulge in every Sunday is buying the NY Times paper for $6 and sitting in the park  near my apartment. I love sitting at a small table around the grass, reading the Arts and Lifestyle sections, and basking in the glorious sunshine. I also bring along a book … Continue reading My Sunday Funday

A Saturday Adventure

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day in the city that I did not want to miss outside. I’m not a fan of cold weather, so anytime the sun is out you can bet ill be out. I left my house today on a mission: I wanted to go shopping, get coffee, and explore some of the … Continue reading A Saturday Adventure

Morning Thoughts

September 29th One of the simplest times of the day is when I first wake up. I start to think about what I want to accomplish for the day, what I want to wear, planning for where to go, etc. Its nice in the morning because I get my alone time , which feels rare … Continue reading Morning Thoughts

How To Budget Like You Live in N.Y.C and Can’t Afford To

New York City is one of the most expensive cities to live in the world. It’s a fabulous place with lots of life and love and things to do, but it also comes with $6 for a gallon of milk and $8 for cereal (God-bless you Trader Joes- you have reasonable prices and delicious food … Continue reading How To Budget Like You Live in N.Y.C and Can’t Afford To

Drinking Alone in Public Like an Adult

Sometimes there is nothing better than taking a nice quiet sip of your favorite drink after a long day of working. You’re exhausted, you haven’t had your “you” time, and all that you have planned for the rest of the day is relaxation before bed. It’s a personal ritual of mine. Something I’ve always wanted … Continue reading Drinking Alone in Public Like an Adult